CA recall vote....

I nominate Bart Lee for LP candidate for governor.

Best, Michael

Let's do it!!!

Dave Barker.

I agree that this recall could be one of the most important elections
in California history. I am a bit disturbed, however, that the LP
can't seem to find anyone willing to represent us on this crucial
issue. Peter Camejo announced on Monday that he will represent the
Green Party on the recall ballot, and while I would probably support
Gary Copeland if he chose to run, it isn't likely he would find
support from the rest of the LP. Aaron Starr has approached Art
Olivier about running, but Art declined, as he has started a new
business and doesn't have the time or resources.

One of the problems is finding the money to run. To get on this
ballot, a potential candidate only needs to collect 65-100 nominating
signatures to qualify, but then must pay a $3,500 filing fee. The
alternative would be to collect 10,000 additional signatures in lieu
of the fee, but you'd only have (I think) 72 hours to do this, so any
potential candidate must be able to drop off $3,500 at the Secretary
of State's office to guarantee their spot on the ballot. The LPC
Executive Committee voted NOT to offer to pay this fee for our
candidate. While I voted with the majority on this (we really don't
have the money to spare), I really don't think $3,500 is a lot of
money for a campaign like this, and any good candidate should be able
to raise at least that much in a very short time if they're serious
about the election.

While the signatures do not have to be from registered Libertarians
(any registered voter can sign your petition), this could be one of
the easiest races to get into, but we just can't seem to find anyone
willing to do it! I have sent an email to Ted Brown, asking if he
has received a reply from Tom Tryon (Calaveras County Board of
Supervisors, who is now the Libertarian who has held elective office
the longest in California), but haven't heard back. Gail Lightfoot
would be another good candidate, as she has consistently received the
highest vote totals of any Libertarian when she has run for statewide
office, but she is running for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat, and may
not want to change a course she's already started out on.

I have offered to run myself, if the LP cannot find anyone else, and
so has Steve Cicero from San Diego, but I don't think I would be the
best candidate. I've only run one campaign in my brief career with
the LP (18th Assembly District back in 1992), and while I learned a
lot from that experience, I have watched other Libertarians run much
better campaigns since then.

If Michael Denny was serious about running when he mentioned it here
several weeks ago, I would gladly join his campaign team.

Had enough wine today, Mike?

Terry Floyd, Treasurer
Libertarian Party of California, East Bay Region
Alternate Executive Committee Representative

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