[C4L-SF] Update Re: Protest Weds. at SFO / Pat's Car Idea / Game plan

Hi Pat,

  I agree with you about the irony of a "protest" being confined to approved areas. Airports have become extremely fascist environments.

  Your car idea is terrific, and I think we'll try to do this as a back-up plan!

  Since you say you tried posting to the list, I'm assuming you won't mind me replying to the list so that others in our group can see it and respond. I was frustrated myself for quite a while by having difficulty getting my messages posted to the list, but eventually I got our Meetup group's organizer, Lee Diamond, to add me as an assistant organizer so I could post directly. Personally I'm in favor of having an unmoderated list (with posters of obvious commercial spam who aren't part of our community booted, of course); if enough people write to Lee about it, perhaps we can do that. In the meantime, perhaps Lee will add you as an organizer as well, since you are one of the more involved people on the list who comes to a lot of meetings and events.

  I am trying to get us a location to meet tomorrow evening where we can spray paint and make signs/banners. This would be a space in San Francisco at the Redstone Building, 2940 16th Street at South Van Ness. Some suggested slogan and sign ideas have included:

"I'm From The TSA, I'm Here To Grope You!" (with a graphic of a blue-gloved hand reaching at the viewer
"No Gate Rape!"
"National Opt-Out Day"
"Kids: Get Naked Or Get Groped"
"TSA: Keep Your Hands To Yourself!"
"Fly With Dignity!"

  Meanwhile, Sheila and I have been trying to find out about using one of the Free Speech Zones (basically a counter space) at the airport. The airport people appear to be giving us the run-around. When we inquired at the airport Saturday we were told the Landside Operations Office was in charge of these zones but is not open on the weekend. When I called them today, they referred me to the Security Access Office, which appears to be the office that's really responsible for them. Their secretary, Helen Chong, told me the person who handles the Free Speech Zone permits (Mary Murray) is out of the office all week (which I find somewhat suspicious). I spoke with Helen Chong, the secretary, and also got numbers for two other people with the office, supervisor Stephanie Francisco and office manager Jeff Littlefield. However neither of them answered their phones or returned my calls today, and after my first conversation with her, Helen didn't answer her phone or return my messages either. I've left multiple messages for all four of them today.

  Sheila says she was told that the Free Speech Zone(s?) were unavailable for Wednesday, but it's not clear whether the person who told her that meant one of the counters, or all of them (there are at least two, possibly more), or whether what they said is accurate. We could use help in calling and bugging these folks until one of them gives us the info we need (all name spellings are guesses):

(secretary) Helen Chong - (650) 821-5204
(supervisor) Stephanie Francisco - (650) 821-5201
(permit handler) Mary Murray - (650) 821-5203
(office manager) Jeff Littlefield - (650) 821-5205

  If you reach one of them, here are some questions we'd like answers to:

• How many Free Speech Zones are there and where specifically are they?
• Where is the schedule for using the Free Speech Zones posted online?
• If it's not posted online, can you be emailed the information?
• Who is responsible for maintaining the schedule? If that person is out of the office, then who is responsible? Or are they saying that free speech is shut down when somebody's on vacation?
• If it's not online and they can't/won't email it, how can one check the schedule?
• If they won't tell you that, what time slots are free for which zones?

• Where are the rules or policies for the use of the Free Speech Zones posted online?
• Who sets these rules/policies? (Get name and title)
• If they aren't posted online, can you be emailed the information?
• If they are not online and they can't/won't email the info, how can one obtain the rules/policies in writing?
• If they won't provide them in writing, ask them to tell you the rules orally and try to take good notes

  Please email me any answers you may get or call me at (415) 625-FREE, and post to the list as well if you like, or I will when I get info.

  Right now our thinking is that if we can't get permission to use one of the Free Speech Zones on Wednesday, we will take our signs and fliers and go and sit in one of them without permission, at least until we are told to leave. We will put the word out to the media that we will be doing this, so hopefully some of them will meet us there. I have a feeling that airport officials will be a lot nicer to us if there are media folks on hand to witness any exchanges!

  If/when we are forced to leave the Free Speech Zones, Plan B is to get in our car(s) and drive repeatedly through the terminal area, waving signs, honking, etc. If/when they tell us we can't do that, Plan C is to relocate to the side of the main airport exit off southbound 101, and wave our signs, etc., until such time as we are told to leave.

  Obviously there is some risk of confrontation(s) with authorities in all this, so do be aware of that if you take part. Of course you can determine your own dissident comfort level and not take part in any activities you don't want to. But please remember those who have fought and died and risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for freedom, summon your courage, and do the most that you can!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))