[C4L-SF] Update Re: Protest Weds. at SFO / Pat's Car Idea / Game plan / Airport Commission Meeting - 9am TOMORROW, SF City Hall Rm. 400

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  Latest news below. Sheila discovered there is also an Airport Commission meeting tomorrow morning at SF City Hall (originally thought it was Wednesday, and they would be discussing the TSA, but that was a meeting notice from last year). So we will try to speak at tomorrow's hearing during public comment even though the TSA stuff is not on their agenda, and get them to add it to the agenda of their next meeting.

  Here's the info:

WHERE: SF City Hall (1 Carelton B. Goodlett Place, SF, 94102), Room 400
WHEN: 9am (probably goes until about 11am, according to what their receptionist told me)
WHY: To stop TSA police-state tactics!

  Public comment is three minutes each, and supposedly comes at the end of the meeting, but there may be opportunities to speak before that. Here's a link to their agenda: http://www.flysfo.com/web/export/sites/default/download/about/commission/agenda/pdf/calendars/c112310.pdf

  Tomorrow afternoon Sheila and I will go to the airport again and go to the Security Access Office in person when they are open. The manager Jeff Littlefield first told Sheila that nothing was available and that you have to book a month in advance, but then after she talked with an admin, Linda Homer, at the Airport Commission, Linda apparently contacted Jeff and it turns out, what-do-you-know, there is space available after all, but not until 6pm. Of course we're looking for noon, and I suspect they are still trying to push us into a time slot when the area won't be crowded, but hopefully we'll find out more from them in person tomorrow. As I noted, nobody was picking up at the office when I called, and Sheila was having the same experience when she tried calling Jeff after getting the info from Linda.

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