[C4L-SF] Film on 9/11 showing at special engagement tonight in SF, 7pm ($10)

I just heard about this, but will probably go check it out. Anyone else interested, feel free to call me -- (415) 625-FREE.

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Starchild,

I saw this film, which is "The Final Edition," in New York back on June
24. There was no $10 admission price, though a hat was passed and I gave
$2. I meant to "warn" you about its July 11 presentation in SF, but I
overlooked it. Sorry about that.

I think Robert Gage and his cohorts are whacked out. The linchpin of
their 9/11 conspiracy is their claim that WTC was brought down by a
controlled demolition. It just so happened that a guy from Controlled
Demolition Inc (CDI), a guy who looked like Chuck Norris and whose name
is Sullivan, was featured in the film.

CDI is a concern that takes down structures by blowing them up and
taking spectacular videos of structures imploding. Science Channel or
History Channel had a show about CDI. I saw several segments that showed
CDI blowing up an aircraft carrier, a bridge and most relevant, a
residential high rise.

This high rise of (I think) 25 stories, was brand new, never occupied
because it was condemned shortly after its construction was completed.
It turned out its foundation was sinking, so the owner of the high rise
walked away. I don't recall who had to pay for its demolition, but CDI
was hired for the job.

During the TV segment, CDI employees were seen preparing the building
for demolition by first recovering all the brand new appliances and
fixtures, including the rooftop a/c units. Then they took out all the
windows. After which, they demolished structural walls, drilled holes in
columns and planted explosives. And they didn't do these willy-nilly,
but from studying detailed blueprints.

They were also intimately familiar with the properties of the explosive
they used, that they knew how far to drill the holes, how much
explosives to place, even wrapping mats around the columns so that that
the explosion would be concentrated. And they knew how long to delay the
explosions--by milliseconds-- and by which groups, to effectively bring
down the building. They probably used hundreds of pounds of explosives
and miles of wiring. (Wireless blasting, though convenient, is not an

Although the TV segment was only one hour, from start to the final "Fire
in the Hole," CDI took several months to complete the task. (Of course
that didn't include the time to remove the debris, which I doubt CDI has
hired to do.)

Sullivan, the CDI employee in the film, did not mention the detailed
work CDI needs to take down structures, especially the condemned
residential tower. (I don't recall what he talked about.) But imagine
how much detailed work would be required to take down, by controlled
demolition, the three WTC towers, which are several times larger than
the residential tower. I think it would have taken years just to prepare
it. What's your guess? And how could all this drilling and demolition
and wiring of explosives have been done in plain sight, day in and day

What's more, Robert Gage posited that it was not ordinary C4 or Thermite
that took down the towers, but a new, special Thermite that used "nano
particles" to ramp up its explosive and thermal properties. Since CDI
employees used explosives whose properties they were intimately familiar
with, it must be asked whether those conspirators also had an intimate
familiarity of the properties of the NEW nano-particle super-sized
Thermite. Lest I forget, we should also ask Mr. Gage how were the
conspirators able to prepare the explosives, which he claimed required
50 tons, and how much time did they take.

During the Q&A that followed the film, I wished I asked Mr. Gage those
questions. But I did tell him that while his claims of a conspiratorial
controlled demolition are compelling, such a conspiracy would need
hundreds, if not thousands of people to keep mum about it. The "deal
breaker" for me, as I told him, was that none of these people had
stepped forward to claim their 15 minutes of fame to speak out about the
conspiracy. No one has stepped forward to claim lucrative book deals or
movie rights. No one had even stepped forward to speak out anonymously.
Why is this, I asked Mr. Gage.

He answered, with veiled petulance, that many of the conspirators might
have died or went underground, or were too fearful to come forward. He
didn't tell me why they wouldn't or didn't do this anonymously. Next
question, please.

Starchild, is Mr. Gage and his cohorts whacked out or not?

If there were any questionable activities that happened on 9/11, it's
why did the FBI suspend and then resumed on 9/12 a major sting operation
in New Orleans, not to arrest terrorists or bank robbers, but to arrest
prostitutes. And if you like conspiracies, it was determined that 16 of
the 19 WTC hijackers were Saudi citizens. Yet a Saudi contingent and
entourage in New York was secretly and quickly flown out right after
9/11. Why did this happen? And why was this obvious Saudi connection
never fully investigated? Were we ever told who planned and paid for the
operation? And why was Saudi Arabia not invaded to avenge the attack? As
far as I know, Iraq had nothing to do with it, as Saddam attested, yet
Bush attacked Iraq to avenge 9/11, TWO years after 9/11 happened.

I'm trying to remember whether a theory was given in the film as to why
WTC was taken down. But as far as I'm concerned, it was because so
Robert Gage and his cohorts could make a few bucks hawking their
conspiracy theories and selling their DVDs.

Anyhow, I don't suppose anyone in your circle attended the event. But
I'm interested in your take on the 9/11 conspiracy. Also, since we last
talked about the "birther" conspiracy, do you have further thoughts
about it?

Thanks for reading.


I just heard about this, but will probably go check it out. Anyone

else interested, feel free to call me -- (415) 625-FREE.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

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> Tonight is the final stop in the 9/11: Explosive Evidence Tour,

featuring the latest edition of Richard Gage's film on 9/11 and Richard
Gage himself speaking, along with other architects and engineers. For
those who have not been introduced to Gage previously, he is an
architect and civil engineer who has demonstrated exactly why the
official story of what happened on 9/11 is false. The Twin Towers and
Building 7 could not possibly have collapsed in the manner claimed by
the 9/11 Commission and the NIST report, but were instead blown up by
explosives. If you have not previously seen this presentation, it is a
great chance to do so at a great price. It will be at the Victoria
Theater at 2961 16th St., very close to the 16th/Mission BART station,
and only $10 at the door. Take a mid-week break, listen to the evidence
and then go get a drink afterwards. There are lots of good bars in the
area and you will need one.

> If you live outside San Francisco and do not want to drive in, the

event will be live streamed on the Internet: