Bush's Dead Friends

The Washington Post reported that Ibn Sheik al-Libyh, a detainee tortured by CIA operatives in North Africa who made headlines by 'confessing' to an Iraqi/al-Qaeda link committed suicide in Libyan prison. al-Libyh's coerced testimony was used as 'evidence' by Colin Powell for the Iraq Invasion. Powell has since reputiated al-Libyh's testimony.

Now, interestingly enough, just at the very moment when officials are probing torture allegations, al-Libyh conveniently commits suicide. Does anyone else notice a familiar pattern here?

In April, David Kellerman, CFO of Freddie Mac and major player in the TARP bailout likewise committed suicide just as inquiries were being made into his disbursement of TARP funds.

Then there was the death of Dr. Bruce Ivans, also a suicide. The FBI announced---after 7 years of trying to frame an innocent man---that Ivans was really behind the 2001 anthrax terrorist attack. Ivans, a government scientist of whom no one had heard, reportedly committed suicide after learning a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Strange how he would have been told that in advance...

Previous to that, Deborah Palfrey, the so-called 'DC Madam' who publically announced possession of incriminating documents on government officials, likewise committed suicide. She was appealing a harsh sentence handed down by a kangaroo court when she conveniently died and all the documents disappeared.

All four of these people died by hanging themselves, all of them at very convenient moments, all of them people who knew a little too much about the previous administration. Might be time to start looking into 'Bush's Dead Friends' a little closer.

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Dear Eric;

In the pirate trade this is known as - dead men don't tell tales.

And since the government has consistently shown itself as the worst of the most vicious peoples slaying treasure taking pirates this side of Black Beard it would stand to reason that that would happen to those men who could tell tales.

Why do you think Bush let Saddam Hussein hang - so he couldn't tell tales of the secret deals made by and between him and Reagan and Rumsfield for some really great stuff to use on the battlefiled against Iran and so on and who gave him WMD chemicals and gas - the best way to redact any potential testimony was to redact Saddam Hussein.

Mission Accomplished!!!

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Actually, I have more respect for pirates. They have to hold unruly gangs together; plan out their attacks, fight for their booty, and risk getting torpedoed by a Russian submarine. The GOP leaders got where they were by joing the right fraternaties, sneaking around behind the scenes, paying off media liars, and hiding behind layers of human cannon-fodder. Unlike politicians, pirates don't hire PR firms and pay media stooges to pretend that they are acting in the public's best interests; although some pirate leaders in the past showed considerably more humanitaritan instincts than most politicians do.