Bushistas Debated Using Militray to Seize Domestic Terrorists

Dear All;

This NY Times article is about the debate the
Bushistsas had over using the military to go and
seize the Lackawana 6 in the USA by declaring
them alleged enemy combatants. The basis for
this was a - guess who - John Woo memo that
the President could do whatever he wanted to do
whenever he wanted to whomever he wanted to
do it to.

If anyone had any doubts about the willingness of
the US government to us the military under dubious
concocted spurious circumstances to go after a
"enemy of the state" this should be the capper.

If anyone doubts Obama and his Obamunistas have
the same discussions about domestic terrorists as
defined by HS Director Napolitano you are living in
fantasy dream world.


It goes further than this as this article from Lew
Rockwell tells about two TSA twerps who got caught
in a sting for stealing and ipod and a laptop and
weren't charged with theft but were claimed to
as the US Attorney stated: "When air travelers
check their luggage with an airline, there is an
implicit trust that their bags and their contents
will meet them at their destination . . .
The defendants are accused of betraying that trust."

NOT stealing from passengers but betraying a trust.
Like who is so dumb as to trust anyone with the
TSA to be able to do anything to get someone to
trust them? SO maybe umpty billion has been spent
on airport security since 9/11 and not one terrorist
has been caught by the TSA while standing in line.

But several dozens TSA twinkies have been arrested
for stealing from passengers.

TRUST that???

Gotta watch out for those crimes against the
state like it was in Mother Russia as the
article writer notes Russians got accused
of:betraying the motherland or acting
against the party.


Amerika on the Potomac goes marching on
to full fledged Obamunism overseen by HIMSELF
the Fearless Leader and his Obamunistas.

Who says HIMSELF did not CALIBRATE (?) his
words properly when putting down the cops who
arrested the black Harvard scholar for breaking into
his rented home in Cambridge.

Dear Mr. President Obama this is what is known as
putting your mouth in motion before putting your
mind in gear. DUH! CALIBRATE??

I know black people who have been arrested by
cops they are college professors lawyers accountants
small business owners preachers just regular guys not
anything even approaching a criminal doing a criminal
activity and the reasons for those arrests with charges
ultimately dropped is because the cops could do so
because they knew the charges would be dropped but
the arrest made the point that they could arrest with
impunity. AND THAT"S A FACT.

It's called being guilty of driving while black Unh Hunh.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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