Bundys: Not Guilty! Judge Slams Prosecutors for Witholding Evidence

Good news for the freedom movement! The federal government's persecution of members of the Bundy family in Nevada, an exercise in bullying and intimidation in support of their longstanding unconstitutional land grab in Western states, was shot down yesterday by U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro:


  Navarro called prosecutors' actions "outrageous", said they "violated due process rights", and said the government's withholding of "potentially exculpatory" evidence made a fair trial impossible. Glad there are still some honest judges with spines who will stand up to the bullies and call it as they see it!

  This is a major victory for the Bundys and their supporters, including anyone who wants to put a stop to federal bullying. The bullies accused the Bundys of leading "an armed rebellion" against federal agents, but actually it is federal agencies and personnel who are leading an attempted coup d'tat against the Constitution and freedom.

  And those who murdered the Bundys' fellow land rights protester Robert LaVoy Finicum in Oregon and attempted to cover it up still apparently have not been held accountable:


  An FBI agent was indicted last summer for lying about shooting at Finicum, who was shortly thereafter shot in the back and killed by Oregon cops, but I cannot find anything recent about that case. Are the Feds just stalling and hoping people forget about it? Maybe trying to run out the statute of limitations?

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Reason has a more detailed writeup of this important ruling and the events surrounding it, with further details including:

• The Feds having snipers around the Bundy ranch prior to the family calling for help from militias, despite prosecutors having previously denied this claim as "fantastical"
• FBI agents posing as journalists making a documentary in order to gather evidence against Bundy supporters
• An earlier FBI analysis that the Bureau of Land Management "was trying to provoke a conflict with the Bundys"
• An 18-page report by federal Special Agent Larry Wooten alleging "a widespread pattern of bad judgement, lack of discipline, incredible bias, unprofessionalism and misconduct" in the 2014 Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation which led to agents murdering protest spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

  And more...


  But as one reader remarked in the comments section, "You won't see any big playup of this in the mainstream media... It doesn't fit their narrative template."

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