(BSP) TV call-in appearance tonight, 6pm (Pacific Time)

I'm going to be a call-in guest this evening on a libertarian public access TV show in Austin, Texas. The show is open-format, but one thing we'll be talking about is my idea of taking a global perspective rather than a nationalist one, and how that relates to things like the war in Iraq.

  The show is an hour long. If you want to call in and say hi, you can do so any time after 6pm (Pacific Time) by calling (512) 472-CALL (472-2255). Here is the information for seeing the broadcast on the web:

LIVE: TeleWebCast July 3 (Saturday) 8-9pm central
via your Windows Media Player http://txliberty.dyndns.org:8080
(NOT your browser. Select 'Open URL' from 'File' menu)

For liberty,
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