Bryan Kaplan on arguments uniquely applied to immigration [1 Attachment]


  How is this different from being wary about the "rights" of U.S. residents or citizens, on the grounds that those "rights" might morph into a right to work for government and arbitrarily detain and deport people who have harmed no one, simply on the basis of their nationality? Migrants will be reduced to being held in inhumane conditions and separated from their families.

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I really don’t want to detain or deport people or hold them in inhumane conditions or separate them from their families. But I do not want the right to immigrate to morph into a right to get food, shelter and health care from the public trough, either. And if we have to stop people from entering the country to assure my right not to pay for them, then so be it. The California legislature has already passed a bill allowing immigrants to collect Medical benefits as soon as they get here.

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