Brooklyn LP Convention. January 26, 2016. See you there!

Hello all,

Last January, I had the good fortune to attend the LP of San Francisco's monthly meeting. It was well attended by almost 20 attendees, which included familiar faces and my good friends, Marcy Berry, Starchild, Aubrey Freedman and "New Yorker" Sam Sloan. (Hi guys!) The meeting was held at the Central Branch of SF's People's Free Library in an impressively large conference room.

Well, taking a cue from the LPSF, I have scheduled the next Brooklyn LP meeting at the Central Branch of the Brooklyn People's Free Library, which is located at Grand Army Plaza. Here is the low-down:

Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: Room 7 of the Shelby White and Leon Levy Info Commons, located on the First Floor (I am unfamiliar with this venue, as this is the first time I reserved a meeting there. I know it's not as large as LPSF's venue, but let's see if we'll be "pleasantly surprised.")

We intend to hold this meeting as our Convention. So we will vote for new officers and do whatever else that's done in an LP Convention. Everyone is welcomed to run for office. But I think anyone who wants to run or vote must be a paid up member of the BKLP, yes? If so, you must divvy up 20 Federal Reserve Notes, which will be good for one year's membership. (Special offer: Any LPSF member in good standing who attends the Convention will be given a free one-year BKLP membership and all the bagels they want to eat.)

Since this will be the BKLP's first meeting since 1492 CE, we may be a little rusty, so let's not be too hard on ourselves.

Please don't bring food or drink to the meeting, as it's against the rules. We can, however, meet afterwards for food and drink. Anyone know a good place nearby to meet? (The SF LP later met at a vegetarian restaurant, which I think was run by Tibetan Monks.)

So, if you could RSVP, that would be nice, but not required. But whichever, do come. Everyone is welcomed.

Please forward this notice to anyone you think would be interested and, if you can, please post it at our meetup, facebook, etc.

Hope to see you there.

Talk to you.