Brochures for Tabling April 15

Thanks, Aubrey (and thanks also for your help and initiative with the recent tabling). Pretty silly of me to argue that I didn't like the movie as well as some other people did. I was indeed very _moved_ by it, and might still have been had it been a lot worse. Many people have commented on how quickly the whole thing went by, and that was my experience also. Perhaps the best summary was by the reviewer who said that it was probably the best mediocre movie (low budget, extreme time constraints) we would ever see. And I very much appreciated Brian Doherty's article on the history of movie efforts. It filled in a number of gaps that I had wondered about over the years.

Hey Starchild,

To answer your question, what I found laudable was seeing a movie on
the big screen which unabashedly portrayed the state as evil and the
plumb-line capitalists as good guys. Quite rare for any movie I've

Moreover, I identified with Dagny's battle against the state and
wished I could emulate her. I loved her courage and unswerving
adherence to her libertarian values. I felt uplifted, inspired, and
exhilarated by the end of the movie.

Good to see you at the Run Ron Paul Meetup last evening.

Warm regards, Michael