Bringing Democracy to the Bronx

Dear Peter Petropoulos,

The reason I did not get back to you is we encountered resistance from
Egidio who basically questioned or objected to your involvement.

However, Egidio has dropped out and we are glad about that because he was
creating real problems. Basically Egidio is a left-winger with views almost
the same as Serrano and his views are the opposite of mine so having him
involved was no help at all and more of a hindrance.

We went to see the area where the Fresh Direct hub is to be built. It is a
former industrial area where the factories that used to be there are
basically abandoned and fallen to ruin. Anybody opposed to development of
this area would have to be crazy as there is nothing there. Nobody lives
around there. This will be the focus of my campaign, bringing business and
industries back to the South Bronx which will provide jobs for the people.

Are you with me?