Bradley Manning Freedom Torch Parade

I just wanted to share with everyone what wonderful progress we've made on
the plans for the response to the SF Pride controversy!! The BMFTP is going
to kick ass!! Angela, Starchild, John and I did two radio shows today and
we are starting to see cities confirm their rally date and times. Biker
contingents are in the works and we are really excited about the progress.

We have a national Facebook page now at:

Two other stops are also confirmed:

Denver, CO | July 1, 2013 @ 12:00 PM:

Phoenix, AZ | July 1, 2013 @ 6:00 PM:

Approximately 8 more are pending confirmation details but have commitments
from organizers.

And I'm assuming John has already told you about our website, but just in
case it's

I am wondering if San Francisco activists have put any thought into the
timing and logistics of your lighting ceremony? Do you have a noteworthy
dignitary in mind? Daniel Ellsberg would be the obvious choice!! I'd like
to put the exact time and date on the map and flyer so you can begin
promoting and we can name those details in our publicity. We were lacking
in that area on today's radio appearances.

There is a question about the timing of the ceremony, in order for the
biker contingent to make it through Salt Lake City and Denver in time
enough to reach DC with room for adding stops along the Eastern route, we
need to have the lighting ceremony on the first day of Pride, the 29th!!

We think this is good news because it allows the ceremonial torch to remain
lit throughout the festival, and carried in the parade the next day. This
ensures that our event is seen as entirely absorbing the SF Pride Parade
into itself as merely a processional, and it also avoids all the congestion
of a busy parade morning.

The lighting ceremony can be held at the opening of the festival with a
little more chance to draw attention to itself and then that torch can be
displayed at the Bradley Manning Support Network booth, which by the way
have signed on as a sponsor, and so they can carry it in the parade with
their contingent. This ensures it is proudly conveyed along the route.

I'm kind of rushing to finish this email since I'm waiting for a ride so
forgive me if I repeated myself or mistyped anything.

Thanks to everybody who has encouraged and pitched in to help so far,
please help us keep spreading the word and if you know anybody who would
like to sign on as a sponsor, or organizer of a Torch Parade rally along
the way, please pass my contact info along!! 602 492 4201

Finally, know that we are kindly taking donations to fund this endeavor. It
might be tacky to send it along in this manner but it's only an
afterthought, not like I crafted this whole email as an excuse to fundraise.

Thank you for your time and support.

Good job guys….

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco