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Boober Eats: Portland Exotic Dancers Pivot To Food Delivery As Strip Clubs Forced To Close
Who says we can't adapt and pull together in times of crisis, right?

Certainly that's the feeling in Portland, where strippers are now delivering food after the Lucky Devil Lounge was forced to close down. However, the same order that shut down their strip club does not prohibit food delivery, and that has some exotic dancers making a pivot to a model they're calling "Boober Eats".

The new home delivery service where scantily clad strippers deliver your hot food started as a joke, according to Oregon Live. Then, the free market went to work. Demand surged, people posted about it on social media and a cash cow was born.

The report says that while the rest of Portland was hoarding toilet paper, Shon Boulden, the creator of Boober Eats, was buying out one local store's stock of pasties.

Boober Eats offers the same menu as the Lucky Devil Lounge did at the same prices. Delivery rates are generally $30, but can vary. Dancers are escorted to their locations by a security guard. Popular menu items include chicken fingers, steak bites and corndogs. Pre-pandemic rules apply, and actually seem more timely now: no touching the dancers.

Boulden said: “If someone wants to give us a couple hundred bucks to go to the coast, we’ll do it as long as the girls are taken care of.”

He continued: “All the calls, people are just giddy and fun. Sometimes it’s a surprise for someone, sometimes it’s a birthday, sometimes it’s people that are really stoned.”

One dancer, Olivia, said: “It became very real when all this happened. Dancers work for tips and tips only.”



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Another dancer, Kiki, said: “Losing this job is devastating. For the majority of us, it’s been an almost complete loss of income. I’m here supporting my community and trying to keep maintaining an income flow as best as we can.”

Boulden concluded: “It’s crazy. We mutated our one business into a totally different style of business.”