Body Freedom Village at PorcFest XX!

Body Freedom Village will be at RV210 in 2023 to help create PorcFest XX!

That’s the one with the hot tub, nude olympics, clothing-optional yoga, queer mixer, and a whole lot more!

If you support BFV’s mission to create a radically libertarian homeland - at PF and in NH - then please consider helping! How can you help?

  • Camp with BFV! Tent spots available!
  • Host / collab on an event or vend at BFV!
  • Participate in events, and help others feel welcome!
  • Volunteer, like help build and strike the camp!
  • Support body freedom at PorcFest and in your camp!
  • Give a donation!

Please see the website for more details. Please do stop to appreciate the animated lasers and steam, they took a really long time :laughing: