Billionaires for higher tax rates a rough draft

Maybe for our tax day event we could set up a small table, with fine tablecloth, a big silver candlelabre, ala Liberace, a box of Cuban Cigars, and one of us dressed in a tux with top hat.

We could give out the Billionaires Manifesto.

A rouWe Billionaires have joined Warren Buffett in demanding tax rates at least as high as our Secretarie's .

Here is why.

1. We really like our secretaries.
2. We can handle it.
e. High income tax rates will keep any lowlife rabble from getting in our clubb just because they have invented some new fangled thing that improves the lives of billions of the Little People.
4. We want to make sure that we get paid the interest on our Government bonds.
5We want to make sure that the government keeps open the big banks where we get the best rates.
6 We really think there are too many people on the planet, so we don't care if the taxes we pay could have gone into providing the tools that make all the stuff they so greedily consume. When the tools wear out, all the stuff they need will be more expensive and maybe more of them will die,leaving more room on the planet for us deserving Billionaires. I
6. Being Billionaires, means that we have not yet personally consumed all the resources that we could have, if we had blown the billions on prostutues and blow and yachts. All those unused resources are still around and all we have is a vault fulll of green paper, or actually a few more zeroes on our bank statement. Those resources that we did not consume are still out there, making everything a little less scarce for the little people, who are t are crowding up our Planet. Taxes is a good way to consume what we have saved, making everything more dear for the unwashed.

If our billions are not in a bank, but invested in factories, or companies doing research and development, we are helping the rabble to have better lives., and some of them may even suceed and make us wait on the Gollf so better to stop investing and just let the resources that would go for investments go to Uncle Sam to consume as soon as possible
6 Most of us got to be billlionaires because we got special favors from the governement, which of course we deserve because we went to the right schools. The big bankers among us got the government to charter our bank, and write lots of rules to make sure that our little competitors are crushed. We especially need the government to keep out all the new compettors like bit coin and micro loans. Which are ok as long as they are micro. Those of us un industry and agriculture need to have all our competitors crushedd with a myriad of regulations.
The waltons especially like the governments role in The American With Disability Act. It was signed into law by Daddy Bush, truly one of us.
The ADA has been terrific for Walmart. After allWall Mart Stores are out in the boonies and have lots of room for handicap parking and are flat, so no need for ramps , have lots of room for expansive bathrooms, and have laccess to cheap credit to meet any renovation needs. The ADA has smothered our intown competition with all kinds of costs in those pathetic old buildings. Wven better, we crush many a potential competitor with ADA lawsuit trolls. Its a perfect example of why we billionaires love and activist governemt Our Representatives get to pretend that they are helping the rabble, while at the same time cementing our rightful place at the top.
So lets have highr tax rates.Maybe we could set a small table next to ours with a big candle labre, a bottle of fine bourbon, empty of course, and a box of cigars.

Hi Phil,

No top hats or fuzzy slippers at the Tax Day Outreach table, please!! However, it would be good to address the big-hearted fakes you describe. Is the piece you posted written by you? If so, can we use the information for literature at the table?

BTW, Here is information on Tax Day Outreach 2013, April 15, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco. Outreach table with serious education literature. Greeters on the sidewalks distributing literature. A traditional Tax Day March from Civic Center to the Federal Building up the street (home of the IRS). This is a collaborative event with other groups (more on that later).