Bill Hemenger is a Democrat

Well, we knew that already, but he reiterated it below.

If anyone out there who supports him wants to explain to him the difference
between using government to oppose murder, theft, or fraud, and what he's
proposing, feel free. I'm tired of trying to explain it.


Hi Rob,

I don't believe a couple of e-mail exchanges would turn any Democrat into a libertarian. Therefore, it appears to me that best we can do is offer our views, listen to their views, be friendly to all, and hope for the best.

Although I completely agree with you on the difference between government action and private consumer action, I have never believed that any politician can leave his/her beliefs at home when voting on any subject in the public arena. Our convictions will always color our decisions. In the case of bleeding-heart Democrats, they might consider it their duty to promote "social responsibility" in any manner possible.

If Starchild were still in the District 8 race, there would be no question that I would support him. But we do not have a Libertarian in that race. So, we look around for the best we can do. And who would we pick? If anyone? Also, as a group, do we reach out to all folks, especially those who hold at least some of our views; or do we remain isolated, waiting for the day when we convince the world we are right?