BBC Global warming video

I hope that you noticed the article in the Examiner last Thursday, March 22, 2007, by S. Fred Singer, Professor Environmental Science. I was surprised to see this and almost missed it myself. The title, �British television�s convenient truth� along with the picture of Al Gore made me think I was going to read more politically contrived blather. That was a good ploy because a lot of people probably read it and got their first dose of the other side. After reading the article I went to the web and found, �The Great Global Warming Swindle� that was mentioned. There seems to be several versions some in very small format and with other problems that made viewing difficult. I found this one,, which is not like watching Al Gore�s movie on the big screen but still gives some great information. I hope you get a chance see it before our congress has it removed from the web and the people who put it there arrested.


Robert Parkhurst