Bay Area regional cooperation among LP chapters and other pro-freedom groups

At our Libertarian Party of San Francisco meeting yesterday, we discussed again namely a topic that comes up periodically over the years, and everyone tends to think is a good idea, but which rarely seems to translate into action or progress. Namely, the idea of greater regional communication and cooperation among those in the Bay Area seeking to advance the libertarian cause.

  There was some talk about us trying to organize a regional event, perhaps a mini-convention, but it was decided that a good first step would be to try to establish a forum for regional communication. I pointed out that a current libertarian list,, exists and could potentially serve this purpose. So we agreed as a group (the dozen or so of us at the LPSF meeting) to try this out as a forum for Bay Area libertarian organizing, and try to get some conversation going here.

  So if you are a Libertarian, libertarian, or simply someone who wants to see more freedom around the Bay, I encourage you to join and try to contribute your thoughts and ideas toward making this work. Please forward this to other pro-freedom lists or individuals you think may be interested.

  If you are already on the ba-liberty list, why are you here? Where do you live? What would you like to see accomplished via this list? Are you doing anything locally to advance the cause of liberty? What would you like to see change where you live? Have any constructive ideas about improved regional libertarian cooperation?

Love & Liberty,
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Filed for open seat on my town's water board, got elected because nobody else wanted to run.

Got onto town's water conservation advisory board because nobody else on water board wanted to volunteer.

Drafted the advisory board's proposed ordinance, because nobody else on advisory board wanted to do the work. (The town council passed the ordinance, which is a market-based alternative to the state's onerous default water-conservation regulations.)

In 4-way re-election race for 3 spots, filed candidate statement (emphasizing property rights) and showed up at candidate forum. Two candidates missed the forum, and one didn't file a statement. Those two guys came in 3rd and 4th. I came in 1st.

On our water board, two of the other directors are now fellow compensation hawks, and one even considers himself a "closet libertarian". We're currently exploring how to get our water district employees out of the state CalPERS pension ponzi scheme.

As Woody Allen says, "80% of success is just showing up."

Pick the most local representative body that includes you, and just start showing up. Be patient and civil, and let your libertarian instincts guide you. When the statists leave a vacuum, fill it up.

Occupy Leviathan.

Thanks, Brian! (Brian Holtz was part of a panel of elected Libertarians at our California LP convention in April who talked about their experiences, which can be instructive for anyone wanting to get into positions of being able to fight government power from the inside.) Occupy Leviathan indeed!

  You attend San Mateo county LP meetings, yes? Could you raise the regional cooperation idea at the next LPSM meeting and solicit input, let people know they should join the list if they want to be in on the discussion?

Love & Liberty,
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