Bay Area Democrats Request $2.3 Billion In Earmarks

Dear All;

Bay Area Democrats have requested $2.3 billion in earmarks. Nice shopping list at the bottom of the article. Sheesh!!! [www_sfgate_com]

Ron Getty

Dear Ron and All,

Thank you for the post, Ron. I just posted my comment on the article. Sheeesh, indeed!!!!

Ok, so here is an idea. I personally will donate $10 to the LPSF treasury right now, as seed money to credit $0.50 for each libertarian comment on SF Gate an LPSF activists posts. Just post what you said in one of the LPSF lists also to claim your credit.

Maybe we should extend that to letters to the editor, opinion pages, calls to talk shows....

The general idea is to spread the word! And if somehow you manage to to plug the words libertarian or Libertarian, even better.