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I suggest we put this topic on the agenda, since there's controversy about

Warm regards, Michael

Good idea. Any other additions for the agenda?

I must disagree on this one. Not that reducing taxes on older people
would be a bad thing, but if we're going to initiate a measure making
legal changes benefitting a specific age demographic, I think we ought
to focus on a measure reducing taxes on the young. Demographics are
*not* on our side, in the sense that LP supporters are aging and we
need to replenish our ranks with younger activists and voters. As
Grassroots Libertarians Caucus Key Value #5 states,

"We see a (Libertarian Party) that is largely failing to connect with
young people. We seek a Libertarian Party whose style, structure,
culture, and materials speak first and foremost to the younger
generations who hold the future in their hands."

  Besides which, older people are already financially better off on
average than younger people in this country. And young people are
likely to get soaked even more in the coming years to pay for Social
Security, government pensions, and Medicare benefits for the elderly.
While responsibility is an individual and not a collective matter,
younger people also obviously bear less responsibility on average for
creating the mess that exists now. Supporting future property tax
relief for children who are not currently paying taxes would enable us
to make this "innocence" argument, along with the cliched "do it for
the children" argument, and also have the practical advantage of not
requiring any *immediate* drop in revenues, thus making it more
palatable for those concerned about the political short-term.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))