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Should we??

Everyone should know by now what my answer would be: Of course.


The word "Patriot" in modern conversation unnerved me even when I lived in
Boston and the term was generally referring to a football team. (I didn't
mind it in a historical context, when referring to the early days of this
nation, of course. But just as I don't mind reading the words "negro" or
"colored" when reading the words of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., I find
those words VERY upsetting in a modern context, just as I do the word

I don't see nationalism anywhere in the LP Platform. If these folks called
it a "small government alliance" or anything else that actually made even
the slightest attempt to include Libertarians, I'd set aside my differences
with them on the MANY issues where we differ. But they really do seem to be
going out of their way to push a nationalist agenda, so I want no part of