Barr 500,000+ Votes

Posted by Don Rasmussen on 11/04/08
Last updated 11/05/08

It has been a rough night for the forces of liberty as well as for the forces of Bush. But there have been some notable exceptions. Personal possession of marijuana has passed in Massachusetts and right to die has passed in Washington State. Walter Jones has won in North Carolina and, of course, Dr. Paul will be returning to congress as well.

UPDATE 1: Ralph Nader, the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, and the Green Party will all substantially increase their raw vote totals over 2004.

UPDATE 2: It now appears that Obama will win NC and IN by less than the number of votes that Bob Barr received in those states. It also appears he will win Montana by less than the number of votes that Dr. Paul received. These 3 states contain a combined total of 29 electoral votes. Rossi/Gregoire and McClintock/Brown remain to close to call. Polls close in Alaska in a few minutes.

UPDATE 3: Dr. Paul's 2.1% (51% reporting) in Montana is the highest state total of any 3rd party candidate. He also finished 3rd in Louisiana (99% reporting). Virgil Goode appears to have lost in Virginia. Michelle Bachman is poised to win in MN. Jeff Flake won easily in AZ 6.

UPDATE 4: Maine has rejected taxes on drinks and insurance. North Dakota voted to reduce or eliminate the state income tax and South Dakota has voted not to ban abortion. Nebraska has banned affirmative action. It now appears that Dino Rossi will lose the Washington State Governor race.

UPDATE 5: McCain likely to hold Montana (McCain 49.3% Obama 47.5% Paul 2.1% 65% reporting). Ron Paul Democrat Bob Conley pulls 42% in SC. Barkley 15% as independent in MN senate race.

UPDATE 6: Gay marriage ban looks likely to pass in California. Ted Stevens and Don Young both appear to be headed for re-election in Alaska despite corruption concerns.

UPDATE 7: Barr likely to break 500,000, but far short of expectations. C. +23% over 2004 LP candidate. Baldwin to finish near 190,000, +24% over 2004 CP candidate. Nader at 679,000 is an increase of 32% over 2004 and McKinney's 139,000 votes is 14% better than the Green total from
2004. Overall, total voters nationwide increase c. 5%. Indiana has been called for Obama by .9%, Barr gets 1.1%. The awful Republican congressman from WA, Dave Reichert, appears to be going down in flames. McClintock holds razor-thin lead with 58% reporting in CA 4.

LAST UPDATE: McCain holds Montana, Paul 2.2%. Rossi loses in Washington. North Carolina and Missouri remain to close to call. McClintock 50.7%, Brown 49.3%, 76% reporting. Probable final counts: Obama 364, 52%, 28 states, McCain 175, 47%, 22 states