[BAP2] Re: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Democracy, power, money, socialism, etc.

As I write I am at the memorial for an acquaintence at the Masonic Lodge.

I am blown away!!

Here are the roots of American thinking and traditions and the difference between the US and Judeo-Christian countries...and anywhere else for that matter.

More than anything I have seen or heard in my sixty years, this is what our liberty is, where it came from and how we got it.


Oh, yes, very true. Much has been written about the roots of the American republican tradition being "borrowed" from the Masons, and Mason symbolism on the dollar bill. When you find time to Google it, you will be even more blown away.

I have my own prediction, that I am willing to put in writing, but we won't know if it comes true during my lifetime.

Here is my prediction: Much like America's original form of governance was drawn from systems designed by the Masons, the next form, the one that replaces the present form, will be drawn from the Baha'is.