[BAP2] I Think It's Official, The Sandy Hook Hoax Has Backfired

Ideally, we would steer the Rush Limbaugh Show in our direction. Since his latest leadership of liberty into the ditch with the RNC, he could use some direction.

When we galvanize the many elements who would seek justice in Lancaster, we will do so in the name of liberty and justice, not in the name of the Republican Party.
If the party will sign-on to us, so much the better. but we must not sign-on to it.
Our coalition will have the power of a simple truth: the power of liberty.

Limbaugh traveled light years on the Republicans rocket. It came in on the heels of a 60's California conservatism, based on that truth. With its momentum and the Reagan presidency, Rush carried a partisan message into the greatest police-state in history, advocating every measure of increased police power in a hollow message of prosperity.

Time for a change.

Give ourselves a week to see how the expansion of the galvanization proceeds.

When Judge Napolitiano comes on-board, we can pick and choose the media.
Meanwhile an innocent man rots in prison to remind us of the importance of of our mission.
And he is only emblematic of the intolerable conditions for millions, rotting their lives away in the gulag sucking the life from America.

Time is of the essence.

Don't despair that we are not political heavy-weights yet. It doesn't matter. Neither were the Loyal Nine who launched the American Revolution. It's all been done once before:

Loyal Nine | History of American Revolution 1765 | Boston Tea ...
The Loyal Nine of Boston: The Predecessors of the Sons of Liberty . The Loyal Nine (“Loyall Nine”), a well-organized Patriot political organization shrouded in ...www.bostonteapartyship.com/loyal-nine -

Any ideas for the name of our committee?


I will remain silent on the question of what the "committee" name should be.