[BAP2] Donald Trump Op-Ed: “Let Me Ask America a Question”…

There is no making some Republicans more popular. But Trump can bring more popular Republicans to the Party, even if they have been independents and Democrats.
All of the rust-belt independents I know are for Trump. This includes industrial workers, owners of real-estate, and professionals, all hurt by demoblican racketeering.
He's already pivoting. His comments on bathroom laws has pushed a Cruz ad to say transgers are "...men pretending to be women..."
Meanwhile, Cruz himself is saying Trump is a "liberal" (whatever that means).

        You think Donald Trump is somehow going to make Republicans more popular if he is the party's nominee? Given his high negatives, the opposite seems more likely. But the good news for libertarians is it's not our problem!
Love & Liberty, ((( starchild )))