BAP - Post-Election Trek

"For those of us who have had two year olds, we know how this goes: red faces, prostate bodies, flailing arms, primal screaming, kicking, stomping, irrational babble--exactly what we see on the streets of urban America."

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For those not on Sally's list, you might want to read her newsletter. Excellent writing, rational perspective, and above all, passion. Any questions about why Johnson got 3% and Trump is scheduled to take office?



  My thought on reading this is that for all their supposed abhorrence of the victimhood paradigm, conservatives like Sally can sure be good at playing victims themselves! Let's count the ways she says it:

• our anti-Trump kids are ungrateful for the sacrifices we made
• we're paying for universities to brainwash our kids
• they're calling us names
• we're not bigots, we're misunderstood
• they're committing violence against us
• we're being oppressed and silenced
• you're bullying us – we fear you more than you fear us

  All the while, she talks as if Trump supporters are the aggrieved majority. But Donald Trump was not the top vote-getter, Hillary Clinton was. And many more people voted against Trump than voted for him.

  No, I don't have any questions about why Gary Johnson got less than 5% (it was more than 3% from what I read) of the vote while Trump is the president-elect. The answer seems fairly obvious: Johnson and the other alternative party candidates were shut out of the presidential debates by the organization created to serve the interests of the 2-party cartel, most media outlets did not have anything like equal coverage of the Libertarian candidate (Trump was clearly the beneficiary of the most media attention in 2016, and this propelled him to win the GOP nomination), unlike Trump and Clinton, Gary Johnson wasn't subsidized by federal matching funds, most people do not understand the mathematical realities of voting and have a tendency to stick with one half of the cartel or the other, voting out of fear rather than voting their consciences.

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