Have any of you seen this?,_California,_Proposition_C,Authorize_and_Regulate_Sale_of_Electronic_Cigarettes_and_Vapor_Products_Initiative(November_2019)

By the way, see the latest filings for my petition for a writ of mandate at my blog below.

More of the same from City Hall. This measure violates the law in exactly the same way as the 2018 Prop A. Except this time, we caught it early and filed a Writ of Mandate to remove it from the ballot.

See Writ Here<>. Exhibits A - E Here<> and F - M Here<>.

The Superior Court of San Francisco ignored and violated CA Election Code 13314<> (a 3) that clearly states if an elector files a Writ of Mandate to remove an illegal item from the ballot, "The action or appeal shall have priority over all other civil matters. Our Writ was filed August 27, 2019. The Court did not act in accordance with the law and seemed to be in collusion with counsel for the Defendants to delay the process and harm this action. The hearing is now scheduled for October 11. See here<>. The defendants are seeking another demurrer from the court. See here<>. When will the lawlessness of City Hall end?

Here<> is our reply and request to disqualify the judge.

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
No On Prop A<><>
(415) 608-0269<>