Ballot Measures: please read!

Hi all.

The time for writing ballot arguments is now. I'd like to get some volunteers to author arguments for each of these before our meeting on Saturday, if possible. Please review the list and see if there's something you can help with. This is probably one of the most important ways we can influence voters directly, so let's do everything we can to make it count.

Please raise any points of discussion on these before our meeting, if possible, and volunteer to write an argument for or against a specific measure if you feel strongly about it. We can of course work together on it, but it's good to know who is interested and willing to help.

1. Referenda: Repeal of Ordinance Banning the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products
Starchild is working with Let's be Real SF on this one :slight_smile: Of course we'll support the repeal.

2. Declaration of Policy: Relocation of Professional Sports Teams
I don't have a strong opinion on this, probably not something we would need to devote our resources to.

3. Ordinance: City-Funded Legal Representation For All Residential Tenants in Eviction Lawsuits
City-funded "right to counsel" for tenants facing eviction. I actually don't remember seeing this one before, but it seems like a good way to waste taxpayer money and make it more difficult for landlords to make use of their property. Maybe something we could oppose.

4. Ordinance: Use of Tasers by San Francisco Police Officers
We could find common ground opposing further militarization of the police, but this one is probably already well-covered.

5. Ordinance: Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District
More taxes to support Government schools. No-brainer for us to oppose it!

6. Ordinance: Tax on Commercial Rents to Fund Child Care and Education
Increased gross receipts tax on warehouse/commercial space to fund child care and education. No thanks!

7. Ordinance: Additional Gross Receipts Tax on Commercial Rents
Another increased gross receipts tax (1.7%) to fund low and middle-income housing and homelessness services and the general fund. No to new taxes!

8. Charter Amendment: Appointed Board Members and Commissioners Seeking Elective Office
Would require board members/commissioners to forfeit their office when running for any state elective office. Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm not sure it's a strong Libertarian issue.

9. Charter Amendment: Revenue Bonds for Public Utilities Commission Clean Power, Water, and Clean Water Facilities
I don't know much about this.

10. RM-3
$3 increase in bridge tolls over 6 years... I don't think we can submit any arguments for this though, being as it's a regional measure.

.... there are more which are awaiting signatures so may be on the ballot still.

Find the full list here with full text of each


Hi Nick. Thanks for getting the ball rolling. As I mentioned at the last
meeting, I've been working with a coalition of anti-Plan Bay Area folks
against RM3, so I already have an argument written by Tim Bittle from the
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers group that I really like, and I'll change it a
little bit before Saturday's meeting and bring it to the meeting. I have
no pride of ownership on my ballot measure writing, so folks can propose
changes to it, and I'm sure Starchild can improve it a bit. Besides, I
didn't write it, but I'm sure Tim doesn't mind us using it, since the
coalition had several major discussions on the focus the argument should
have. I already checked with our Dept. of Elections a few times because
these regional measures are often handled differently, but at least this
time, each county will accept an argument in their own Voters Registrar
office on the same date as the other measures. No paid arguments on
regional measures.

I'll take #5, the parcel tax for the school district, unless someone else
really wants this one. $298 extra for 20 years--are they nuts?!

I only have time to write so many arguments, so I hope someone will take #6
or #7 or both on the commercial rent tax increases. Alternately, if
someone else takes the school district parcel tax, I can concentrate on one
or both of these. How silly of the politicians to think that increasing
the taxes of the landlords won't be pushed down to the businesses that
occupy the buildings and ultimately the consumers of those businesses.
Just tax the rich--the solution for everything!

Your stance on these measures is entirely correct, though I would add that
#3 (more lawyers for the city) and #9 (more debt) should also be opposed by
us, if we have enough helpers to write the arguments. #3 will require more
bureaucrats to be hired, and property owners will be forced to fund those
opposing the use of their own property--that's an outrage! #9 has to do
with funding the government's takeover of utility power in The City--the
slamming of everyone into the program particularly irks me and should be
mentioned in the argument since they make a big fuss of slamming when
"private" companies do it, but when government does it, then it's OK.

I hope several folks help out with these arguments, and let's not leave it
all for next Wednesday night. I plan to spend most of the morning next
Thursday down at the Dept. of Elections submitting lots of arguments for
the "free" lottery.


Hi All:I try to help with writing these when I can but I am up in Seattle baby-sitting 2 grandchildren under 2 1/2 years old and I don't have a moment to myself, so unfortunately this time I can't even take on one. Sorry to leave you in the lurch....Françoise
Francoise Fielding 820 Stanyan Street,#5 San Francisco, CA 94117 415-386-8643

Gang….sorry. Unable to participate this year. Busy with family visiting from out of town.