Ballot measures (Please Read & Respond!)

Update on the Facebook post on last night's recommendations: 3 "likes", 53
people reached, and 7 "engagements", which I presume means they clicked
"more" to read the full post. This will probably receive a few more likes
as time goes on, and is reaching more people than other posts.

Yay….thanks for the report


Hi Richard and Starchild,

I have a few suggestions for the FB post.

* I noticed that you only posted the difficult positions we took, and not the original ones we voted on in the meeting! Oh, I don't think you have those! I'll send you the minutes from the previous meeting.

* Could we add a short title for each proposition (e.g., "business tax 'overhall')? Otherwise people just see that we're against a bunch of letters!

* It would be nice to have a short reason why we decided on the position, like "because taxation is theft." It should help engage our group members and page likers!

* Can we have a link to a webpage on that gives more info? I'm sure shortly, we'll post our full arguments on the website.

* Can you also send the post to our FB group?

I can help with all of these things too!


Hi Jeff,

Those are good suggestions. My plate is full at the moment. If you want to
go ahead and implement some of those, that would be great.