Ballot Initiative - The case for a marijuana measure


  There are actually a bunch of ideas for initiatives still on the table, although we've only spoken of two of them recently. As I said, I'm leaning toward a marijuana initiative like the one in Oakland; my second choice would probably be a measure to cap city salaries.

  The reasons a marijuana initiative seems like the best bet to me are:

(1) It will appeal to the left-leaning SF majority
(2) It will save us effort in writing our own language, since we're basically copying an initiative that's been done
(3) The argument that we're simply proposing what already passed by a large margin in Oakland will be a strong one for voters.
(4) Most importantly, there are many groups whose support we can expect in gathering signatures and promoting such a measure
(5) At least two big events this year tailor-made to our promotion of such a measure

  The number of marijuana dispensaries in SF alone is quite staggering. Here is a list of cannabis clubs in San Francisco as of December 22, 2004:

   Alternative Relief Co-op, 1944 Ocean Ave., 415-239-4766. Hrs: Mon-Sat. 12pm-7pm. Also available at
   Alternative Herbal Health Services, 442 Haight St., 415-864-1300. Hrs: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun Noon-5pm.
   Alternative Patient Caregivers, 953 Mission St., Suite 40, 415-618-0680. Hrs: 12pm-6pm M-F, 11am-5pm Sat.
   Bud Box Deliveries, 415-320-2839. Home delivery by appointment. Hrs: Everyday, all day.
   CannaMed Care, 1211 Sutter St., 415-885-8007. Hrs: M-Sat 2pm-9pm, Sun. 2pm-8pm.
   Compassion & Care Center, 122 Tenth St., 415-255-8720. Hrs: M-W 11am-7pm, Th-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pm.
   Connoiseur Collective, 14 Valencia St., 415-864-2900. Hrs: Sun-Th 12pm-8pm, Fri. 10am-5pm.
   Emmalyns California Cannabis Clinic, 1609 Vallejo St., 800-588-4218, fax: 415-345-8248. Hrs: M-Sun 10am-8pm.
   Good fellows Cannabis Club and Smoke Shop, 473 Haight St., 415-255-1323. Hrs.: Sun-Wed. 10am-10pm, Th-Sat 10am-11pm.
   Grass Roots, 1077 Post St., phone and fax: 415-346-4338.
   The Green Cross, 3420 22nd St., 415-648-4420. Hrs: 10am-8pm 7 days a week.
   Growth Unlimited, 888-MEDCANN, 9am-9pm 7 days a week. Home delivery.
   Happy Days Herbal Relief Center, 1143 Polk St., 415-756-1293. Hrs.: M-Th. 3pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 3pm-12am, Sun 1pm Р6pm.
   The Hemp Center, 4811 Geary, 415-221-4367, fax: 415-876-4367. Hrs: M-W 10am-6pm, Th, F 10am-8pm, Sat. 10am-5pm.
   Herbal Relief Center, 1545 Ocean Avenue, 415-587-2599. Hrs: M-F 11am-7pm, Sat. 1pm-6pm, Sun. 2pm-6pm.
   Hope Net Co-op, 223 9th St., Phone and fax: 415-863-4399. Hrs.: Mon-Fri. 12pm-7pm, Sat. 12pm-5pm.
   The Kind Sanctuary, 1334 Haight St. (inside Golden Triangle), 415-431-6764. Hrs: M-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12-7pm.
   Love Shack, 502 14th St., 415-552-5121. Hrs: Mon-Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5, Holidays 12-4.
   Mason Street Dispensary, 124 Mason St. Phone and fax: 415-433-4420. Hrs.: 9am-9pm everyday.
   Medical Cannabis Delivery Service, 415-606-3441. Hrs. Mon-Sat. 11am-7pm.
   Medical Cannabis Center, 722 Columbus St., 415-296-7614. Hrs.: Mon-Sat. 11am--6:00pm, Sun 11-5.
   Mendocino Healing Alternatives, 96 Lafayette St., 415-864-4600, fax: 864-4654. Hrs.: Open everyday 11-7pm.
   Patient and Caregivers Cooperative, 1935 Mission St., 415-701-9537. Hrs.: Mon-Sat 4pm-7pm.
   PatientХs Helping Patients, home delivery by bicycle, 415-240-7190. Hrs.: 3pm-9pm 7 days a week.
   Rainbow Organic Medicine Collective, 415-661-9911,, Mon-Sun, 11- 7 PM. Home delivery.
   St. Martin de Porres, 350 Divisidero St., 415-552-8653, fax: 415-552-8648. Hrs.: Sat-Mon 12pm-5:30pm, Tu-F 12pm-7:30pm.
   San Francisco City Patient Caregiver Collective, 1095 Market St., Rm. 515, 415-724-3476. Hrs: Fri, Sat, 11am-5pm.
   Sunset Med. Resource Center, 445 Judah St., 415-731-1833, fax 415-731-1802. Hrs: M-F. 11am-7pm, Sa 12-6pm, Su. 2-6pm.
   The Vapor Room, 609A Haight

  I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that the vast majority of these clubs will be willing to give us some kind of support for a ballot measure, whether it's a donation, keeping literature on hand, obtaining signatures, allowing us to use their facilities for parties to fundraise for the measure, etc.

  There are also a large number of local anti-drug war groups. Here are just a few that I was able to find on the web:

American Medical Marijuana Movement
(San Francisco Headquarters)
3745 Seventeenth Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 864 1961

California NORML
2215R Market St. #278
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 563 5858

Cannabis Action Network (CAN WEST / National Headquarters)
2560 Bancroft Way #46
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 486 8083
Fax: Same
Internet: (Debby Goldsberry)
Notes: CAN is a grassroots organization working to educate and mobilize
concerned individuals to create change. We work with activists in every
area of the country to do national educational tours, regional
conferences, rallies and other events.

Hemp Renaissance
Marin County, California
Phone: (415) 721 1936
Internet: c/-

F.E.A.R. (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights)
265 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phones: (415)389-8551 (preferred) or (888)FEAR-001

Human Rights and the Drug War
HRDW, PO Box 1716
El Cerrito CA 94530

Harm Reduction Coalition
Address 144 Broadway, Suite 510 Oakland , CA 94612
Voice (510) 444-6969
Fax (510) 444-6977

Musicians for Medical Marijuana
(Listed as a local organization, no
real-world address given)

    As far as events, the NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) convention will be held in SF from March 31-April 2, at the Cathedral Hill Hotel. We had a booth at their last convention here (2003?), and I think we should do it again. The Free State Project is planning to do a booth, and we may be able to coordinate with them. If we have a big donations jar at our booth to solicit donations for a marijuana ballot initiative, I think we can raise some good money as well as get lots of signatures there.

  There is also the annual Cannabis Freedom Day in May, which is generally celebrated with an outdoor festival at Civic Center. We've had booths there in the past. Again if we have a marijuana measure we're circulating, this would be a great place to get signatures, donations, and probably guarantee ourselves a spot or spots on the speaker line-up.

Yours in liberty,
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