Ballot endorsement meeting

Marcy & all,

  Here is the relevant language from our bylaws. We're OK having our endorsements at the October 8 meeting, since it (barely) meets the criteria of being a full month before the election. We are required to invite the candidates and proponents/opponents of ballot measures to that meeting, unless it is impossible for some reason.

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Amendment I.

(revised 10 August 2002)

The procedures for the LPSF taking positions on ballot measures and candidates for office shall be as follows:

Formal endorsements shall only be given to Libertarian candidates, or those exceptional non-Libertarian candidates whose beliefs are clearly in accordance with the platform and philosophy of the Libertarian Party. Only candidates who have the LPSF’s endorsement may list the party as a supporting organization.

The LPSF may, however, issue recommendations on which candidates and ballot measures are deemed worthy of the pro-liberty vote, given the available alternatives.

Candidate recommendations, as well as positions for or against ballot measures, shall be made on the basis of a majority vote by members present at the endorsement meeting, or, if there is not the opportunity to take such a vote in a timely manner before the election, by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

(revised 10 August 2002) Endorsement or recommendation of candidates and positions on ballot measures shall be considered at the last monthly meeting which is at least one full month before any scheduled election. If an election or the candidates or measures therein are announced when the next monthly meeting is less than one full month before the election, endorsements and recommendations shall be considered at the very next monthly meeting. In addition, endorsements and recommendations may be considered at any meeting if notice is given to the membership one month in advance.

When possible, the LPSF will invite candidates and proponents and opponents of ballot measures to appear at the party’s endorsement meeting. If a candidate is invited to appear and declines to do so, the candidate shall not be recommended unless members specifically vote to make an exception and do so. The LPSF may or may not take positions on state or national races or measures in accordance with the wishes of members. Where there is a lack of consensus, a ¾ majority shall decide the question.

The LPSF’s voting recommendations shall be published in the Golden Gate Libertarian newsletter prior to the election in question, including a tally of how many votes were cast for, and against, or to take no position on each candidate and measure voted upon.

For offices where voters have several votes to allocate among a field of candidates, members will cast votes for a number of candidates equal to the number of vacant seats. Candidates selected will have their names printed in descending order by the number of votes they received from LPSF members. However if a candidate does not get any votes, he or she will not be recommended even if the number of recommendations is less than the number of open seats.