Ballot arguments filed Monday

I didn't get around to writing as many as I wanted, but did file the rebuttal on Proposition O (turning the "Emergency Response Fee" into a tax), along with a paid argument in support of Proposition K (prostitution decriminalization). I added Phil, our LP congressional candidate, as a co-signer on the Prop. O rebuttal, and he also paid to be the signer of the short poem I wrote as a paid argument in favor of Prop. K. The official Prop. K rebuttal was again somewhat of a committee effort and not exactly what I would have written on my own, but does make a lot of good points that needed to be made. It mentions the Libertarian and Green parties as supporting the measure.

  Unfortunately we were not able to similarly mention the support of the Democrats, although they endorsed it, because Election Department rules require us to have a party officer sign their consent form and we were unable to get hold of any of the needed Democrats to sign that form. I attribute this partly to the short time frame we had to work with and the difficulty in reaching people -- in hindsight, Maxine admitted the time to nail them would have been right at the Democratic County Central Committee endorsement event -- but also in some cases to sheer political spinelessness and people not wanting to put their names on anything controversial. One officer, Michael Goldstein, told us he said he didn't want to sign without hearing directly from DCCC chair Aaron Peskin that it was OK (my solemn word, and that of another officer who was in the east bay that Aaron was OK with it not being good enough), but refused to either call Aaron's cell phone number, which he had, in order to reach him, or to give us the number. Not that he really needed Aaron's OK; he knew the Democratic Central Committee had endorsed, and it was just a technical matter of needing the signature of an officer. Aaron himself had personally told me he was willing to sign, but was inconveniently (or conveniently?) just leaving his office to go on vacation when I reached him, and claimed he didn't have time to meet us anywhere in town on his way out.

  Maxine reports that another supporting supervisor who we'd sought as an individual signer, Green Party member Ross Mirkarimi, arrived at his office when she was there, but ducked out without signing despite her attempts to get him to do so. So besides sex work activist Annie Chen, we ended up using Ted Gullickson of the Tenants Union as a signer, since he happened to be on hand at the last minute.

  Numerous other people filed arguments in support of Proposition K, and the opponents appeared to be on hand doing so as well. We believe that Supervisor Alioto-Pier signed an argument against us, as well as Howard Epstein of the Republican Party, among others. We had around eight total paid arguments in support. The ones I had a hand in and which I possess the texts of are copied below, although I may not have the exact final text that was filed for the Prop. K rebuttal. Phil paid the $260 for the 30-word poem/argument himself, while the longer 218-word paid argument I filed in support of Prop. K cost me $636 (paid arguments are $200 + $2 per word). Of that, Mike Denny and Marcy Barry pledged $200 and $50 respectively; assuming they don't object that I didn't get around to writing separate pieces against the "Clean Energy Act" or "Community Justice Court" and are willing to have their donations go toward offsetting the costs of my Prop. K argument, I will be covering the remaining $386 balance out of pocket. Another volunteer donor, Pete, ended up having unexpected expenses and bowing out of his previous offer to contribute. Any further donations from supporters that may be forthcoming would certainly be welcome, as I have already put out hundreds of dollars toward signature collections.

  Regardless however, we are moving forward with the campaign!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

  Proponents' rebuttal argument supporting Proposition K

Thanks for the excellent arguments, Starchild. I'll send a check for

Dear Starchild,

Thank you for all you do. Do we send our pledges to your address?


Thanks very much, Mike A. and Marcy! Yes, you're welcome to send checks made out to Starchild to my address - 3531 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))