Ballot argument against Prop. G (sales tax)

Hi Aubrey,

  Thanks for doing this! Do you have a "clean" copy of the language
against Prop. G, and a word count on that? I was thinking of writing
something against it (I'm glad you focused on that, because I think a
sales tax increase is a good economic issue for us to take on, since
it's a regressive tax that falls heaviest on the poor), but could just
sign onto yours if there's room.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild! Not sure what you mean by a clean copy, but I will try to attach it here and then again in a separate email to you to ensure it comes "clean." The word count is, unfortunately, right at 300 words, so there's no extra room. Furthermore, I was just reading Control Sheet A that I will be filling out a bunch of times in the morning and realized that the author information must be listed at the bottom and counts against our word count, so something will have to be done with that. Feel free to change, add, or delete anything you want on what I've written already--I'm not territorial about that--it's only important that we get our arguments in tomorrow morning and who wrote what is unimportant to me.

I also finished A (schools bonds), so I will attach that one also, and if you want to have a go at that one, please change whatever you want. That word count came in at 256, so there's room for the author information and additional verbiage on that one.