Badnarik will be at SF Gay Pride. We need help!

Good news!

Michael Badnarik's campaign has confirmed that he will come to San Francisco
for the LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration.

More good news if you like working hard! :slight_smile:

We need to find 2-3 days worth of stuff for him to do while he's here (i.e.,
this may have to be THE campaign trip to San Francisco, since travel funds
are limited, so they want to make the most of it).

So, two important things...

We need to set up a NICE fundraiser for his campaign, since Pride won't
allow fundraising at their parade or booth space (unless they approve of it,
and we share the proceeds with them). Rich Newell suggests we go whole-hog
and rent a hotel ballroom with expensive tickets, etc. I don't think we can
do that (including a week for mailing invitations) in the 3 weeks before
Pride, so I'd settle for someone with a nice house hosting a smaller (yet
still pricey tickets) fundraiser. But I may be pessimistic. Does anyone on
this list want to organize the big hotel fundraiser or know someone who
could do it? If not, does anyone have the kind of home I'm talking about,
where we could raise thousands in one night? Let's not forget our
huge-home-owning friends outside the City in the surrounding counties.

We need high-profile speaking engagements for Michael. I know there are
Pacific Research and Independent Institute people on this list. I know a
couple of us are involved with programming at the Commonwealth Club. Anyone
from ISIL out there? I'd like to see us mirror Stossel's SF visit (e.g.,
breakfast with Pacific Research, lunch with Commonwealth, and dinner with
Independent in Oakland). I'll contact the Commonwealth Club to see if they
want to have him speak. I'll also contact Pride to see if we can get him a
few minutes on one of the stages. After all, how many "Constitutional
Scholars" do they have planned to speak on why a ban on same-sex marriage is
unconstitutional and on why amending the constitution to restrict rights
would be a bad idea?

I need to gather all this information and get a detailed itinerary to his
campaign ASAP, so please reply soon.



I will be contacting Bill Smyth of the Westover Winery in Castro Valley
tomorrow to see if he has an open period around that weekend. The
Calendar on his website ( suggests that we
may be able to book an event there between June 20 and July 18, but he
often has lots of wedding parties planned for this season, so I'll need
to speak with him directly.

The EBLP hosted a very successful fundraiser there in 2002, and this
Libertarian-owned winery played a pivotal role in LP history when Harry
Browne announced that he planned to seek the LP presidential nomination
there in 1994. Harry was a resident of Lafayette at the time, and the
winery had just recently opened. It would be a great place to showcase
our candidates for the 2004 election.

Terry Floyd, Treasurer
Libertarian Party of California, East Bay Region

Wow! Thanks, Terry! My fingers are crossed. Good luck.

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