[ba-liberty] Trump Rallies 10/25/20 to 11/1/20

OMG! You don't mean to be protesting Biden/Harris/police-state/terrorists do you? You mean to protest Trump, right? John F. Bechtol;707-623-6005------ Original message------From: Richard Fast fastrichard77@gmail.com [ba-liberty]Date: Sat, Oct 24, 2020 10:25 AMTo: LPSF Discussion List;LPAC Exec Com;Bay Area Liberty;LPSF Meetup;LPSF Activist List;Cc: Subject:[ba-liberty] Fwd: Trump Rallies 10/25/20 to 11/1/20

      Anyone want to do a counter-protest in favor of Jo Jorgensen? :wink: