Aug 2009 Protests

There will also be TEA PARTY events at Congressional offices on Aug 14
and in parks on Aug 22, 2009. Check the TEA PARTY Patriots and TEA PARTY
sites. Maybe even Glen Beck or other revolution sites. We may be on the cusp
of success without the LP between us and all the unhappy Americans.

gail lightfoot

California Organizers August 4, 2009 Eco-Tyranny Protest 8.28.2009

Largest PROTEST in State history is happening on August 28, 2009

Please promote this event as if it were your own, in your town. As you are
the representatives of your town , you are also Californians and we would
love to see you represent the concerns of all citizens on this issue to
your home town media contacts. If we can get everyone speaking the same
message about this , we will get a great deal more attention to our cause.
We want the nation to know about what is happening here!!

In addition to the media contacts you have please promote this event by
using the fliers that are at the dedicated site . Blanket
your town!! We need everyone pushing this event heavily.

And please Tweet about this on Twitter so we are covering this issue through
all the new media.

As organizers we have set up a reduced rate for you at the Hyatt across the
street from the Capitol of $129.00 for Thursday night, 8/27/09 & Friday
night 8/28/09. Please mention the Sacramento Tea Party when you are making
your reservations. 916-443-1234

As a Tea Party Patriot organizer if you are attending the Sacramento event
we are politely asking you not to sell your own t-shirts at the event. We
are going to be selling a t-shirt which is specific for this event, to help
pay for this event. We know you all appreciate how expensive an event of
this size can be and we really appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Thanks everyone, we know we can count on all of you to make this an event
that everyone will remember and will scare the heck out of Sacramento!!

Mark and Dawn

Dawn Wildman
San Diego Tea Party organizer
California Co-Coordinator Tea Party Patriots