Assemblyman Leland " NANNY " Lee Strikes Again

Dear Everyone;

There he goes again! " Nanny Lee " is proposing banning smoking on all of the state owned beaches to stop butts from getting in or on the sand. With the fine being $150.00. He would include with it an increase of littering fines to $150.00.

This is the same " Nanny Lee " who proposed the " violent game " video ban for minors. The " Nanny Lee " who proposed any new facilities built by the state have a Feng Shui consultant. Then the new building would be harmonious with our innerselves. With the majority of new buildings being built by the state being prisons I'm certain the incarcerated will appreciate the Feng Shui lay out.

Doen't this guy have a day job he can go to or what?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian