[asa-sf] Tom The Nurse's Trials Part XXV (medical marijuana)

This makes for medical marijuana protests today (Wednesday), tomorrow, and Friday. (Local readers, see my previous post to SF-area lists for the Weds. & Thurs. times & locations). This is another opportunity for candidates to make themselves known to potential supporters, and for activists to promote the LP a bit, as Michael Badnarik and Judge Jim Gray did last Saturday in their unscheduled stop at a Berkeley dispensary -- besides of course standing up for a good cause.

  If anyone doubts the reality of the continuing government crackdown on marijuana patients and their providers, just tell them, "In a recent week in San Francisco, protesters were out on the streets three days in a row, defending three different individuals or groups of marijuana caregivers being put through the ringer of the justice system."

  See http://hempevolution.org/ for details on some of the cases...

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