Around 600 prisoners are being illegally held beyond their sentences in Coalinga, CA; March 2 protest planned

This is a very serious issue. If today the government gets away with keeping "sex offenders" incarcerated after they've served their sentences, tomorrow it could happen to you or anyone else. These men have even engaged in hunger strikes to protest their unconstitutional and illegal detention. How come this is not a front-page, top of the evening news story?

  Well, on March 2, there is going to be a protest outside the state hospital, with the possibility of bigots showing up to harass the protesters. Maybe this will finally be considered major news? Come on, press folks! Forget about O.J. and Britney Spears and the rest of the bread-and-circuses celebrity spectacle, and tell the public the important stuff that's going on that we need to know in order to preserve the United States as a republic and prevent it turning into a police state! It's your freedom and rights on the line too.

  The website has more background on what is happening at the Coalinga Concentration Camp.

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