Are You A Stealth Libertarian?

Are You A Stealth Libertarian? Or Are You Building Libertarian Brand Loyalty?

by Michael Cloud

"When I write letters to the editor, I use the stealth method," said a
libertarian acquaintance. "I don't use the word `libertarian' in the letter.
That might alienate some of the readers. I just make the case for cutting
taxes, getting rid of this government agency or that, or making government
smaller. I let the merits speak for themselves."

"Suppose you convince someone on the issue," I responded. "How will he know
that it's a libertarian viewpoint? How will he know that he agrees with a
libertarian proposal? And if you don't tell him that it's a libertarian
viewpoint, how will he know where to look for *more* sensible solutions?"

If we want free markets, we must market freedom.

We must market our libertarianism like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Starbucks

McDonald's doesn't use stealth advertising: "For a really good hamburger, drive
over to 123 North Elm. Bring your family."

No, McDonald's tantalizes and tempts us: "Come to McDonald's for our mouth-
watering, juicy Quarter Pounder... it'll make your tongue dance. Delicious and
satisfying. If you're hungry..."

McDonald's makes their brand name convenient and quick: "Right off the 103
exit, with plenty of parking. We know you're hungry. In less than 5 minutes
you'll sink your teeth into your delicious Quarter Pounder..."

McDonald's makes their brand name affordable: "....and it's only $1.99 for your
lip-smacking Quarter Pounder. Aren't you hungry? Come in to McDonald's for your
Quarter Pounder now."

McDonald's advertises "Quarter Pounders," not cheeseburgers.

McDonald's advertises "McDonald's," not hamburger stand.


Because McDonald's wants to create and sustain product brand name recognition
and company brand name recognition.

Because McDonald's is creating and sustaining product brand name loyalty and
company brand name loyalty.

We don't ask for a "cheeseburger"; we ask for a "Quarter Pounder".

We don't go to "the hamburger stand" for lunch; we go to "McDonald's."

Every time they advertise, they remind us to ask for THEIR brand, not generic.

When McDonald's provides us with a good meal and a positive experience at one
of their restaurants, they EARN our future business. And we ask for their brand
of cheeseburger by name. We talk about "Quarter Pounder" and "McDonald's" by
name. Word of mouth advertising.

Unless we libertarians brand-name our solutions "libertarian", people won't
know where to shop.

When you write a letter to the editor, and propose a libertarian solution,
proudly label it "libertarian" in the letter.

When you call in to a talk radio show, and offer a libertarian alternative,
proudly label it "libertarian."

When you give a speech or have a conversation, and present a libertarian
proposal, proudly label it "libertarian."

Some people will begin to notice that every idea they like is libertarian...
and they may join us.

Some people will realize that every *real* tax cut proposal is libertarian...
and they may join us.

Some people may buy libertarian books.

Others may seek us out on the Internet... and subscribe to the Liberator

And as they find that the positions they like, the philosophy they like, is
libertarian, they will develop brand name loyalty to libertarianism.

The Stealth Libertarian misses out on all these benefits.

The Brand Name Libertarian enjoys brand loyalty and repeat business.

And he builds a movement and market that will make America a free country

Dear Dr. Mike;

Great article and very to the point. Like I said to Sarosh just because the newspapers won't include the Libertarian label all the time doesn't mean you should stop identifying yourself as a Libertarian as you'll never know when they will print the affiliation - always include it in either the article or LTE as a private Libertarian espousing a Libertarian viewpoint or if you can sign as Libertarian local or state or national leader of some kind.and speaking on a party basis - just go do the deed.

There is no such an animal as a stealth libertarian - step right up and stand up and say it right out loud - I am a Libertarian and I am proud to be one. Then get yourself to the next available 12 step program to improve on being a Libertarian - with no backsliding. :slight_smile:

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian