Are there any other election issues pertinent to SF libertarians?

Hi, Jeffrey.

We emailed out our endorsements out on this list several days ago (see if you lost our endorsements email).

Unfortunately, the only highly-organized campaign that hasn't completely snubbed the Libertarian Party is the No on 8 Campaign. We definitely oppose Measure H, for example (a unanimous endorsement of No -- just like on Prop 8), but unfortunately the No on H campaign was not interested in working with us. In contrast, the No on 8 campaign has bent over backwards to reach out to Libertarians. You will note that all of the donation links in the emails we're sending have a referrer code of "libsf" on them. That's because the No on 8 campaign has added the Libertarian Party to their statewide campaign committee and given us tremendous access and resources for campaigning, including email referrer codes for LPSF and Outright Libertarians.

I assure you, if any other campaign were as interested in working with Libertarians as No on 8 is, we'd be 100% as eager to work with them, as well. But that's not the case, so all you're seeing from us is No on 8 campaigning.

If you're personally involved with any of the other campaigns for which we've endorsed (see if you lost our endorsements email), and you think you can get the level of access with them that we have with No on 8, please do let me know ASAP, and I'll do everything in my power to see that we integrate their campaign into our email lists as much as we have for the No on 8 campaign. We're definitely still 100% anti-tax and anti-regulation and would jump at the opportunity to support those causes. It's just that the people behind those campaigns aren't very interested in working with us.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Rob Power
Chair, LPSF

P.S. I say "highly-organized" because there are smaller campaigns, like Yes on K, who are working with us, but they sadly don't have the organizational resources that the No on 8 and No on H campaigns do, and thus you're not seeing coordinated campaign emails from them on our list.

Jeffrey P. Ricker, CFA wrote: