Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Ron Getty wrote:

How those people managed to do what they did flying and navigating wise

beats the heck out of me. <RG

What struck me as most impressive about their flying was hitting the
Pentagon, which involves flying into a point rather than intersecting what
is effectively a line (i.e. a WTC tower). And in fact, the pilot who
targeted the Pentagon needed a 330-degree turn at the last second because he
mis-judged his approach, and even then he ended up hitting closer to the
front lawn then the center of this rather big target. The pilots who hit
the WTC towers could have easily quadrupled their WTC death toll if they had
just aimed for lower than the 96th and 81st floors of 110-story towers that
were twice as tall as any nearby building.

Two of my ten questions for the 9/11 truthers highlight the questionable
competency of the pilots:

4. Wristwatches. Flight 77 would not have struck D.C. until about 95 minutes
after the first WTC crash. Instead of the government conspiracy spreading
its four meticulously planned attacks across an hour and a half, why not
instead just pretend the hijackers had wristwatches and then competently
synchronize the four strikes? Did the Pentagon missile/drone team oversleep
the morning of 9/11? And why were the cockpit takeovers spread over 90
minutes, allowing Flight 175 to even be warned of cockpit intrusion before
it happened?

5. We Have Some Planes. Truthers claim that the government conspiracy was so
worried about the alleged ability of America's air defenses to intercept
hijacked airliners that the conspiracy took the risk of arranging stand-down
orders. Whey did the conspiracy then use a suicide flight crew so
incompetent that two of them repeatedly used the air-traffic radio to
broadcast warnings they were trying to give to their passengers over the
cabin intercom, thus giving the earliest possible notice that hijackings
were under way? Why did they broadcast "planes" plural? Why did they only
turn off the transponders on Flights 77 and 93 only after deviating from
their course? Why did they never turn off the transponder on Flight 175 at
all? Just how stupid were these evil government geniuses who took over these