April meeting location

Hi all,

After it being a bit claustrophobic in Phil's apartment for our Feb/March meetings, I reserved the 4th floor conference room in the library for April. If this is okay with all of you, we'll have the business portion of the meeting there, after which we can make our way to a restaurant-- or to Phil's if he will have us-- for some social time.

Generally I think meeting at Phil's has been great for socializing, but not so great for getting through our business. Until we find something better, moving back to the library where everyone can have a seat and newcomers can find us easily seems like the best course of action. On consistency of the location, I agree it's not ideal to move around, but I will personally make sure that everyone knows where we will be so hopefully it won't be a problem for this next meeting.

Please let me know your thoughts as well, and thanks again Phil for being such a gracious host!


I favor going to the library in April.
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Hi Nick and Richard. I'm fine with back at the library, though Phil's
worked out fine for the most part, except for the February meeting. which
was too crowded. Even if we go back to Ananda after the meeting, every
once in a while, they go on retreat and are closed for business, so Phil's
would definitely be ideal when that happens, as the other restaurants in
the immediate area have not worked out that well the few times we didn't go
to Ananda.


I agree with going back to the library for meetings. I think it is a better "business" atmosphere and it is easier to get comfortable and take notes.If Phil is willing to host afterwards I definitely like that better than Ananda.Tat said, I'm going to be out of town for the next few meetings, so not sure my opinion is that relevant.....
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