appealing to vegetarians

" <> Governor George Pataki’s
Economic Development Agency has awarded a $420,000 grant of taxpayer money
to Hudson Valley Foie Gras. This company is infamous for its horrific abuse
of ducks in order to make the “delicacy of despair” known as
<> foie gras."

Dear Steve;

BTW what is PETA's stance on the force feeding of the Gitmo detainees? While I am certain the Gitmo detainees will not end up being a dinner table delicacy (presumably) - if force feeding is abominable to animals what about force feeding of humans???

See the article below.

Force feeding is force feeding no matter who it is applied to whether to animals or the human animal. It stresses the nervous system and does cause death in animals and humans.

Their is even a special chair designed just to hold humans in the correct position with all the necessary restraints so feeding tubes can get shoved down their throat with as little damage as possible.

Medieval torture chambers never had it so good since this is all personally approved by the President of the United States.

Hip Hip Hurray for the Red White and Blue and Yankee Doodle Dandy.....

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian