Any objections to LPSF Holiday Party Wednesday evening Dec 17?

Francoise has offered to host the LPSF Holiday Party at her home (on
Stanyan, very close to the N-Judah line) on Wednesday evening, December 17.

That works for me. Any big conflicts we need to know about? If not,
she'll put it on her calendar, and I'll get it onto the website, email
lists, and Winter edition of the LPSF calendar postcard.

December's Drinking Freely is 8 days before, so I don't think people
will be Libertarian-social-ed-out like they might be if we did our party
one day after Drinking Freely.

If there's a big conflict on the 17th, then the backup is for me to host
the party at my place after our regular monthly meeting, at 7 pm on Dec
13. Since that didn't work out too well with the No on 8 fundraiser
that I did on a similar calendar, I'd prefer that we go with the 17th.


That's fine for me right now but who knows what'll be going on with the
kids by then...:>)