Any mention of the North American Union flushes out the New World Order stooges.

Any mention of the North American Union flushes out the New World Order stooges.

Even if you have already called your Senators and Congressmen to ask them to oppose any move that would place the United States in the North American Union, call them again TODAY. North American Union is being formed WITHOUT any legislation to authorize it.

THEY QUIETLY CLAIM to each other THAT THEY HAVE ALL OF THE AUTHORITY THAT THEY NEED UNDER NAFTA, but they avoid all publicity on this matter.
We must take action to STOP THEM.
In the House there is legislation to STOP the NAU:
House Con. Res. 22 will block the NAU by repealing NAFTA
House Con. Res. 40 will STOP the NAU

We need to get similar legislation introduced in the senate.

To understand this usurpation watch this video:

Lou Dobbs: North American Union Orwellian Brave New World

This issue has been, and still will be, an excellent way of seeing which legislator's staff is controlled by the New World Order, and which individuals are New World Order stooges. The New World Order stooges will actually try to tell you that the NAU is a myth or a "conspiracy theory". It seems impossible that anyone in such a position could simply be uninformed about such an easily provable reality. This level of stupidity is not believable. Simple dishonesty seems to be more probable. If you find one of the New World Order stooges be sure to get his name so that we can demand his removal later.
When we see outrageous falsehood, it is often difficult to know whether it comes from a liar who knows better, or simply comes from someone who is incredibly uninformed.
Occasionally there will be a rare opportunity to distinguish between liar and the incredibly uninformed.
That opportunity arises when there is a falsehood, that is so outrageous, that even an idiot would be not be stupid enough to believe it.

You can reach every legislator through the Congressional Switchboard 866 340 9281. Then ask for your Congressman or Senator.

For those who actually deny that the NAU is real:

Here is the discussion of NAU in the Province of Manitoba legislature on Nov. 20, 2007 on NAU. Is the NAU a figment of the imagination?
doublespeak 101

This video is only a couple minutes long so take the time to watch it
especially if you believe there is no such thing.


  I do not support a North American Union, but I also do not support repealing NAFTA. Nationalists are using the NAU as a fig leaf to try to derail free trade in general and the North American Free Trade Agreement in particular and turn the U.S. isolationist. This is part of a dangerous xenophobic agenda that will hurt freedom and standards of living in all three countries. Nationalism is the font of government power.

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