Endorses October 27th Protests; Justin Raimondo Expected to Spea

Dear All,

This morning I attended a planning meeting at Dolores Park, where the
Convergence (tabling) will take place. Labor, MoveOn, and the other
left of left were present, planning where the different "tables" (50 x
50 feet, etc) could be. The general plan of action is to allocate
space to the humongus exhibits, and use the smaller exhibits (such as
ours and Tax Resistance League) as "connectors". There will be space
for tables of groups that are not participating in the Convergence;
this is the first time I heard about this, and will see if I can hear
more about it at tomorrows steering committee meeting.

I will need a tent, or just at couple of tables will look pathetic
among the other exhibits.

Bottom line is: you are there, you are heard; you are not there, you
are not heard. So, come on out, and *be* heard.



It won't be a libertarian demonstration and you will hear a lot of


from the podium you don't like, but please show up on October 27th

Organizers have kept their word: protest slogans are focused on the


War, and not a laundry list of issues as we've seen before.


alone can't end this war, with its attendant attacks on our economic and
personal freedoms. If we really think ending the war is important,

we need

to team up with others and now is our chance to do so. If libertarians
don't show up, why shouldn't the Leftists add "Fund Human Needs, Not

War" to

the list of demands next time?

So, come on the 27th. Bring signs. Hand out Ron Paul literature if you
like. Let people know that you don't have to hate America or hate
capitalism to love peace.

Commiserate with the person next to you when you hear a speaker say
something outrageous. Who knows - maybe that person will become a
libertarian one day.

In San Francisco, volunteers are still needed for the general

protest (see

and the

Constitutional Convergence being organized for the Dolores Park (at


contact Marcy Berry for more info). Find out more about protests in


cities at

Final meetings of the SF Coalition's Program Committee and Steering
Committee are scheduled for Sunday, October 21st at noon and 1pm
respectively, at 474 Valencia Street (second floor auditorium). If


can come to help me secure Justin's place on the speaker list, it

would be