Anti-war protest

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on public buildings, the market
was busy digging up the
foundation of dollar hegemony.
Yesterday, the Fed Open
Marrket committee, which
incidentally has nothing to do
with markets and everything to
do with centrally planning the
price of money, anyway, the
open market committee,
meeting for the first time under
it's new chairman, Helicopter
Ben Bernake, acted real tough
against inflation, raising short
term rates again and refusing to
soften the outlook for future
raises. Immediatly the market
reacted as it should, gold
weakened and the dollar
strengthened. Well, today, Mr.
Market woke up and has rallied
gold to near multi decade highs,
spitting in the face of Mr.
Bernake, and demonstrating
that when the bear market in
paper assets got poked by Mr.
Bernake, the Bear woke up and
growled very loud. This Bear in
faith based paper money could
start rampaging very soon,
sending gold, silver , and
copper, skyward. The great thing
about this is that in the long run
the US will simply not be able to
afford: empire; the endless war
on Nobody, as Bill Bonner of the says;, and
universal Socialism much
longer. It is up to us to explain to
people what the heck happened
so they don't blame the wrong
folks and can rebuild the country
on a rejuvenated foundation of
Liberty and free market money.
While we watch the inevitable
result of decades of National
Socialism financed by theft and
massive money creation, we can
prosper with the certainty that
gold and silver and gold stocks
and silver stocks will outperform
all assets, as fear is a very
powerful motivater of market
behavior. Mises was the man!

Gold 575.20, Silver 11.24