Anti-occupation rally Saturday

There will be a "Bring the Troops Home Now!" rally on Saturday, October 25:

11 a.m. Gather Civic Center (Grove and Larkin, Civic Center BART)
12 noon March
1 p.m. Rally at Jefferson Square Park

A concurrent demonstration will be held in Washington, DC.

See for details.

As usual, the rally is being organized by socialists, but in my opinion, these rallies do more good than harm, so I plan to attend.

I question whether the plain LP banner would be appropriate, but a "Libertarians Against Imperialism" sign might be.

Is anyone willing to make such a sign and arrange a meeting place for libertarians? (I have some tall sticks but no blank posterboard and no time to buy any.)


I found two pieces of stiff posterboard (30" by 20"). It would be much easier to make the signs and take them to the rally if I didn't have to attach them to sticks. If I write "LIBERTARIANS AGAINST IMPERIALISM" on them and take them to the rally, would anyone be willing to meet me there and hold the second one?


Kelly Simpson wrote: